Pastor Widger's Monthly Message for August 2018

Explore Grace

Sunday mornings, beginning August 5 at 9:45 AM, I would like to invite all adults connected with Grace Lutheran to a special nine week Bible Class called “Explore Grace”. We will meet in the gym around tables. This course will be a combination of Biblical

teaching from a Lutheran perspective and interactive story telling. The stories told will be God’s story, your story, and Grace’s story and how the Scriptures inform each storyline.

This course is the pathway to becoming a member of our family of faith. Please consider inviting anyone who you might think would be interested in joining us on this exciting journey of following Christ. Topics of discussion will include such Lutheran distinctives as baptism, communion and amillennialism. What about once saved, always saved, the sanctity of life, and inerrancy of Scripture? What does the Bible teach about modern day Israel, tithing and sexuality?

I hope you will come and bring your Bible, your brain and your stories!

Week # 1 God’s Story – Our Story – Grace’s Story

Week # 2 Family Stories and Becoming Like A Child

Week # 3 Miraculous Gospel Power

Week # 4 Our Daily Calling

Week # 5 How We Received the Bible and How to Interpret It

Week # 6 Biblical Sexuality in Today’s Culture

Week # 7 Revelation- End Times and Zionism

Week # 8 Free Will and Decision Theology and Once Saved Always Saved

Week # 9 Life Issues and Other Stuff

I hope that you will join me for this series!


Pastor Doug Widger