"At the Crossroads" - March 2019

“At the Crossroads” Pastor's Note of the Month:

Things constantly change! The price of gas fluctuates, the number of hairs on my head (always seem to decrease), the stock market… so many things seem liquid. When we find a place of stability, it seems comfortable and satisfying. We can breathe, relax, enjoy when things seem stable. From my experience, and from scripture I believe we learn that God does His best work when holy disruptions come along. God brings his people to a moment of movement – he leads to a crossroads and calls us to action. For example, in order to make a great nation out of Abraham he was called to leave his home in Ur and allow God to lead him into a new land. God disrupted the Israelites from the relative “comfort” (although enslaved) land of Egypt in order to bring them to a better place, a promised land. These seasons of disruption are never easy and require faith and courage.

We are on the front end of experiencing some “crossroads”. We are saying goodbye to beloved staff; Lou Anne Hoffman will be retiring (more info coming later), and Nick Rittgers is being called into another field of service (see his letter in the March '19 newsletter). Our music program is in the midst of change. Our Board of Directors and staff and working through a Strategic planning process - begging God for His vision, mission and values in a new season at Grace. We are at the crossroads, asking God which way to go. Things will be different in the future. What will that look like? Only God knows at this moment. I am certain this new season will require faith and courage.

This new future requires you! As a member of the family of faith at Grace you have a key role in shaping the future. Jesus speaks through his body – the church! Our Strat Ops (Strategic and Operational) Team will be presenting what we have discerned from God on Ash Wednesday, March 6 @ 6:00 PM in the Gym. This will not be a ‘finished product” but rather a directional piece begging your input. Holy Disruptions are coming. May we embrace these decisions, crossroads, and disruptions. Be a part of the process. Here’s how:

Join me on March 6 – Ash Wednesday (in the Gym)
5:30 – 6:00 Dinner (Soup and Salad)
6:00 – 6:50 Strat Op’s Team process update and feedback
7:00 – Worship in the Sanctuary…our series title says it all… “At the Crossroads.”