Happy Easter!

(Pastor's Message for May 2019)

The resurrection makes all things new. Jesus conquered the grave and rose from the dead and all who are in Him will also be raised up! His new life brings me new life! That is the promise God makes to us each Easter.

With this reality in mind, we will be on a journey together for the next 8 weeks called “renewal”. This sermon series will follow up on our strategic planning which began in February. Each week we will be looking at an important element of our calling from God. I hope that you will join us each week. If you can’t be present in person you can always join us online with Facebook Live. Each of our services is livestreamed and you can also visit our church website to see past sermons.

God is making us new by the power of the risen Lord. Come join us and experience “reNEWal”.


Pastor Doug Widger